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RX8 Common Issues

  • Hot start problems (signs of poor compression).
  • Growling noise and loss of power (sticking SSV or tune valves).
  • Engine Management Light flashing whilst driving (real time detection of engine misfire).
  • Rattling Exhaust (catalyst damaged with ceramic in rear section of exhaust).
  • Won't rev past 5000rpm approx. (Damaged catalyst blocking exhaust).
  • Struggle To gain 30mph with Engine Management in 'Limp' Mode (Oil Metering Pump fault).
  • Engine struggles to start (possible Starter Motor. Early starter motors were slow and inferior to later models).
  • Ignition Coils.
  • Burning oil and blue smoke from exhaust (oil in air intake due to poor engine or excessive high revs).
  • Tapping noise from engine bay (bad/worn actuator on manifold).

Other Issues/Problems

  • The owners who treat the rotary engine like a piston engine. This isn't an engine you can simply ignore. There are no special tricks to maintaining one, but the engine MUST be looked after. Run the engine to redline at least once every couple days to keep carbon build-up at bay, is wrong use high octane fuels and not supermarket inferior and change the oil at 5000 mile intervals or less and coolant at the times specified. Ive had customers get nearly 100,000 miles out of there engine without redline.

  • When you start the car do not stop the engine cold. This can cause flooding. Always let it run for a couple minutes once started. I've never flooded mine even when it has stalled cold, but it's good advice nonetheless.

  • Moisture in the tail lights have been a known issue.

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All calls are recorded.

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