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ECU Mapping

exclusive and specialised Mazda rotary engine performance ECU mapping and reprogramming for ALL Mazda RX-8 and RX-7 models.

RotaryMotion are proud to announce a new, exclusive, dedicated and bespoke Mazda rotary and piston engine ECU remapping and tuning service in the UK, 

From simple configuration adjustments such as increasing the Oil Metering Pump (OMP) injection rates or adjusting the Dwell Timing after the fitment of upgraded coils to fully blown 'live' mapping to suit the characteristics and nuances of your rotary engine, our Services are suitable for ALL rotary powered engines including Normally Aspirated (NA) or Turbocharged/Supercharged (Forced Induction/FI) fitments whether standard OEM or aftermarket.

Our exclusive ECU remaps are the latest, most refined remaps available for the RX8 and use the latest Mazda ECU Firmware.


RX8 Mini Map

The ideal starting point for your 2003-2012 Mazda RX-8. Our exclusive and developed EasyMap package adjusts numerous ECU settings to maximise the longevity of your 13b Renesis and optimise it for any minor modifications.

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RX8 EfficiencyMap

Build upon our Mini Map base ECU re-programming package by fine tuning your cars ECU to adjust for sensor variations including MAF adjustments resulting in a far more efficient running engine resulting in better usage of fuel and an increase in vehicle performance.

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RX8 PerformanceMap

Unlike stock mapping packages, we base every PerformanceMap on your existing engine and performance modifications. This enables us to fine tune your PerformanceMap to match the specific and individual nuances and balance of your engine and modifications.

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